Orion HCCA8000.1DSPLX

Orion HCCA8000.1DSPLX

Orion HCCA8000.1DSPLX
  • ORION HIGH-PERFORMANCE AMPLIFIER: Serious amounts of power driving ridiculously low impedances at completely sick output levels is what the HCCA Series is all about. Whether you're looking for an SPL world record or you just want to do some serious damage on the streets, these amplifiers will ensure they hear you before they see you. Hellacious power intersects with extreme efficiency under rugged die-cast aluminum covers with illuminated ORION badges that tell the world that HCCA is back!
    • FEATURES: Experience the ultimate in sound clarity and maximum protection to keep your audio system running safely and smoothly with the advanced features the HCCA8000.1DSPLX delivers. The Fault and Protection monitoring with the MOSFET Power Supply provides superior performance while providing the protection needed in your system. The Low Pass Filter is another great feature that lets you tone your subwoofers to the ideal sound to experience smoother frequency transition.
    • SPECS: The HCCA8000.1DSPLX delivers world-class high-performance audio to your vehicle audio system. With its flexible crossover options and bass boost controls, this amplifier is sure to bring out the best in any music you play. The HCCA8000.1DSPLX has a frequency response of 15Hz - 250Hz, with a Low Pass Filter of 40Hz - 300Hz to bring those subwoofers to the extreme levels of low bass frequencies.
    • EXTREME POWER: The Orion HCCA8000.1DSPLX has been specially engineered for those looking for extreme power with 8000W RMS. Whether you’re just an audio enthusiast or a record breaker this amplifier ensures you will be heard!
    • DIMENSIONS: 26 x 12 x 3 (660.4mm x 304.8mm x 76.2mm)

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