Orion HCCA124 12” Competition Grade Car Sub, 10000W Max 2500W RMS

Orion HCCA124 12” Competition Grade Car Sub, 10000W Max 2500W RMS

Orion HCCA124 12” Competition Grade Car Sub, 10000W Max 2500W RMS
  • ORION HIGH PERFORMANCE SUBWOOFER: Experience the true power of the Orion HCCA124 competition-grade subwoofers, specially designed to deliver impressive performance. The HCCA124 is a monster of a 12” Subwoofer with a Max Power of 10000 Watts and 2500 Watts of RMS. This subwoofer will immerse you in a low-frequency deep bass experience with superior deep bass response.
    • HCCA ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: With a custom cast aluminum frame, dual 4-ohm impedance, a high-temperature aluminum 4” voice coil, and an enhanced 1.25" vent voice coil cooling system for optimum performance/voice coil temperature stabilization, the HCCA124 provides you with a truly unmatched listening experience like no other.
    • STRUCTURE: The HCCA124 has been specially engineered to take your audio setup to the next level with 2500 watts RMS, a large triple stacked 445 Oz ceramic magnet, double spider, and the new black coil technology for high quality, impressive deep and accurate bass experience.
    • VERSATILE SUBWOOFER: Whether you're an audio enthusiast or a casual listener, you'll appreciate the distinction of the HCCA124. The HCCA124 car subwoofer is the ultimate sound system upgrade. Boasting a massive 12-inch, dual 4-ohm. This subwoofer is designed to provide deep, rich bass and sonically accurate sound reproduction. The subwoofer allows to be mounted in sealed or ported boxes making it perfect for any vehicle mount.
    • UNMATCHED SOUND QUALITY: Its polypropylene cone provides smooth yet powerful bass, complemented by a rubber tri-radius symmetrical surround and dual flat conex spiders with loop-stitched tinsel leads. Plus, with enhanced voice coil cooling systems and a high-temperature PAARC voice coil wound on an aluminum former, expect nothing less than superior sound quality.

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